Monday, December 17, 2012

November 25th ~ Last journal entry

November 25th

I didn't journal the last two days of the trip because it was all travel time and I was very sick.  Travelling while feeling so crappy is gruelling   Almost a week after I got sick and my stomach is still not back to normal.

I am so happy to be home and with my family.  I miss Africa... I miss Izak and Maria... I dream about them at night and my thoughts go to them all the time during the day.

I was asked to speak today in church about my experiences so I thought I would write som things down that impacted me the most.

1.  Meeting Izak.  Meeting him made sponsorship real.  It's hard to think of your sponsor child as a person when you have never met them.  But to get to know what kind of person they are and how my measly so much a month means so much to him......

2.  The village feeding programs.  So many kids needing food.  Older siblings carrying little ones on their backs. Dividing up the food between them so they can bring some home for later.  That last family who only had one plate to share between the five of them and how grateful they were for that one plate.

3.  How desparate the kids were for love and touch.  as soon as we arrived eah day, the kids fought over our hands, held onto our arms and sat so close to me that I thought I was going to die of heat.

4.  The love they had for Jesus and for each other.  They took care of each other.  They are truly a family.

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