Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's BOX DAY!!!!

Soooo our book order arrived today!  4 days early!  I was so excited when I stalked the canada post website and it said "item out for delivery"  Our delivery guy usually comes between 10:30 and 11:00 so at that time, I graduated from stalking websites to stalking my own windows and I enlisted the kids help in case I went blind or got distracted for just one second.  In my defense, it was pouring rain and I didn't want those boxes to be outside any longer than possible!  So he finally came after waiting forever! (in reality it was only 10:45 when he came) Two glorious boxes from christian book distributors!


The kids were sooo excited that we had to take a break from the days schoolwork to rip open the boxes!!
mmmm I love the sound of boxes being open and the smell of new books!  There was a lot of books in there!  Don't they look so enthusiastic about those schoolbooks on their laps?

Here's T's grade one stuff.   Alpha Omega Lifepacs for Language Arts, Math, Science and History.  Explode the code book C and book 1 as well as A reason for handwriting book A.

And J's grade 4 stuff.... Switched on Schoolhouse Language Arts, Science and History,  Teaching Textbooks Math, Explode the code book 7,  A Reason for Handwriting Book C and Canada Map book 2.

There are some other things we will be doing together like our "Africa Land of Hope"  book and the "Exploring Creation Through Astronomy"

 I think we will be doing the Africa one with a group of other home-school kids as part of a co op.  I'm so excited about that one and have so many different ideas to do with the kids.  I can hardly wait.  Although I think I'll enjoy the nice summer days first!

In anticipation for all these new school books, and wanting to free up space in my living room, I cleaned out and organized our toy closet moving most of the toys down to the kids rooms.  That freed up two whole shelves to put school stuff on.  That meant that I could get rid of the pantry style cabinet that I had our school stuff in previously from my living room.  Although that hasn't happened yet unfortunately since we need to find a place for it!  Anyway, the two shelves in the closet is plenty of space for all of our school stuff with room to spare and it looks so neat and tidy!  (as if it will stay that way! ha!)  I took pictures for proof.... I'll probably look back at these pictures in about october when all my organizing has gone down the drain and the shelves look like someone ransacked them.

Left Side

Right Side

Well, now it's time to make lunch for the kiddies... including one little miss cranky pants who is currently pretending to do school work and scolding J by saying "DO WORK" and pointing at J's school books!  Hehe.. she's my little supervisor.
Until another time!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

oh my muscles!

hello again.

So I started to make a change in my lifestyle.  It's been far to long that I have neglected my health and it's time to do something about it.  Sooo about 2 weeks ago I started to watch my calories and slowly added in some exercise.  Last night the J and T wanted to go to the track for a walk.  I decided to try my Couch to 5 k app for my ipod that I bought like a year ago and never used.  So off to the track we went and the kids and I started to walk/jog.  For those who don't know what Couch to 5k is, it's a beginners running program.  You do a 5 minute warm up, then you alternate 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes and then a 5 minute cool down.  (this is just the first week, as you progress the jogging gets longer and the walking gets shorter)  About 10 minutes into the program, I start to think to myself "What the heck am I doing???  This is craziness!"  But I decided to continue on and endure.  The kids were doing great with running.  Although there were a few times where T would run into the jogging lane by accident or start towards some joggers and scare the crap out of them!  Drove me crazy!  Anyway, I'm glad I stuck it out because I managed to finish the whole program and by the end of it, the jogging portion didn't seem as long.

Sooo this morning I wake up feeling great!  Soo I get on my Wii Fit and decide I'm going to try doing all the strength training exercises.  Out of the 12 exercises, there was only 1 exercise that I wasn't able to do.  Whoo Hoo!  I was feeling so great that I decided that after supper I would try to do the couch to 5k program again.   hmmm only one problem with that idea.   As the day drew on, I started to notice that the muscle near my hip was a bit achy... Then my other side started to get sore.... then my calves started to ache... and finally my lower back and my stomach muscles.  Suppertime came and Hubby wanted us to run to the store to get some new shoes and etc.  So I think okay, I'll go running afterwards (obviously still in denial on how bad I was feeling)  So we head to the mall. I even had Hubby park further away from the door so we could all get some exercise.  We get our stuff at one store but I had to run to almost the other end of the mall to another store.  I got my stuff and as I'm coming out of that store, I realize that I'm dreading the thought of walking back to the other end of the mall and seriously regretting parking the car so far away from the door.  Needless to say... Here I sit in my bed, with my pj's on and I did not go running.   I'm praying that my muscles feel better tomorrow so I can get back at it.  I'm really enjoying the exercise and it's good for the kids as they exercise with me!

In other news, I've been stalking the Canada Post website waiting for changes in my tracking number for the huge order of school books I ordered last week.  I've already gotten two of my orders from other places but this one is the big one and I'm soo excited to get all the new books!  I love the excitement new books brings even if they are school books and we can't use them until fall.  The shipment isn't supposed to come in until next monday but I'm hoping that it comes quicker!  Until then, I'll continue my stalking I guess.

 For now though, I think I'll go heat up my magic bag and settle in to bed for a movie.  Good night!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's that time of the year!

Hey everyone! My goodness March was not a good month for our family. It all started with "I"having croup one weekend, then came the sneezing, cough, fevers, ear infections and asthma attacks! For all four kids! Well the ear infections and asthma attacks was T but everyone had everything else. We are finally all mostly back to good health thank heavens! Usually we have been pretty lucky and only one or two kids get sick but this time it was all four and I felt like I was a human pillow and blankie for most of it.

Not only is it the time of year for sickness but we also got our tax return back which means that I get to shop for school books for next year! Yay! It's so fun to get new books!

Well it is now time to start lunch so this is all I can write. Until another time!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Zhu Zhu Attack!

It's been a while and I'm sorry.  It's been a rough month or 2.  I thought I'd post something lighthearted today.  The kids and I had fun with those zhu zhu hamsters they got for christmas.  We made a block city and the Zhu Zhu's attacked it.  Here's the play by play...

Here lies sleepy little blockville.  Through the night, they caught a hamster spying on their town.. Probably sent out to plunder this town.  They caught him and put guards around him (see little black and white hamster in the lower left corner)

The superhero's were on high alert!  They knew someone would come looking for their spy.

And there they were.... 3 seemingly harmless hamsters, commanded by the great Penguin!  (seems the penguins were busy doing other nasty deeds for Penguin) 

Pipsqueak (yellow), Dashington (purple), and Shamrock (green) were ready for revenge.  They had to get there little spy buddy Zhu Zhu King Burger (black and white).

Looks like the superhero's of Blockville are ready... well except for Batman and Spiderman there on the left.. they look pretty relaxed.  Spiderman even looks like he's having a conversation with Batman.

 Oh Blockville, you were totally unprepared.. You took their cuteness for granted and did not comprend their strength!

And they attack.  Dashington was feeling nervous so she held back for just a second.

And they're in.  Pipsqueak took advantage of Batman and Spiderman's relaxed disposition and pulverized them!  Shamrock went straight for the gate.  Dashington still held back her fury.

After breaking through Blockville's defenses, the hamsters pull back and regroup.

 After a quick chat, Shamrock and Dashington attack again!

Shamrock and Pipsqueak have located Zhu Zhu King burger!!

Unfortunately poor Pipsqueak had a run in with the guards and was caught.  On another note, that tan man has some darn toned butt cheeks!

After a failed attempt by Dashington to rescue Pipsqueak.

Looks like Dashington and Shamrock have decided to take Woody and Baby hostage as well.

 Poor Blockville will never be the same....

That's the end!  Hope you've enjoyed.  Now I've got to go clean up for my dinner party tonight!  So exciting.... I hope to blog about that this weekend sometime.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Okay Maybe I might be bias

I was watching Sweet pea play the other day.  She amazes me with her play.  She had a baby in her arms and was getting in and out of a small plastic bin.  Suddenly like she just got this brilliant idea, she got out, put her baby in the bin and went and got her blankie to cover the baby with.  Then she started to sing the lullaby that we sing to her every night.  Sweet pea is 17 months old.  My fourth child and I've never had one so young be so exact with her pretend play.  I wasn't expecting it and got blown away by how clever she is.  She doesn't do a lot of climbing and risk taking but her mind is extraordinary.  She has an amazing vocabulary and can count.  Maybe it's just that I'm her mommy but I think she's got to be the smartest 17 month old in the world!  I can't wait to teach her more.

On another note I've always looked at my 3 year old "I" as indestructible.  Like a tiny little superhero.  Well I've found his kryptonite.  He's so hyper, curious, tough and busy but he's got a soft side inside him.  He hates it if i'm sad or if he's hurt someones feelings.  Suddenly he turns to mush.  A sweet little ball of mush.  He's going to be a hard one to judge for those girls as he gets older.  It takes a bit to break through that tough guy outside.   The other day, he fell down and a chair fell on top of him.  He got up and he says "I'm okay I'm okay"  not a tear in his eye and then suddenly he says. I think I'll take a rest on the couch.  LOL.. tough little guy.

anyway, those have been my thoughts the last few days.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow, Sleds and Friends

Whew! It's been almost 2 weeks since I wrote an entry.  Last entry I wrote that I was just recovering from a stomach virus.  Well that virus decided to make it's way to my J as well.  Poor girl had to miss a birthday party that weekend.  To add to that, Sweet pea cut 4 teeth during last week as well.  That makes for a busy busy week and a half for this mom.  So finally this past weekend we were able to actually get together with our friends.  On Friday night, I got to go to Charlottetown with 5 ladies to celebrate my friend Holly's birthday.  We headed to the mall and then out for supper.  We had a great time!

When Saturday came along, it was a beautiful day so we (and two other families) decided it would be a perfect day to go sledding.  So in the afternoon we headed to the hills in the parking lot of the car dealership that Hubby works at.  These hills were massive and steep.  Made for fast sledding and a good workout climbing back up.  I think the kids lost interest in sledding before the adults did! LOL  The kids just played in the snow while we adults took a few more turns going down the hill. After we were exhausted, we headed over to my house to start supper.  Hubby had decided to stay home and take care of Sweet pea and our friend's little 10
week old Juliette so he was able to get fried chicken in the oven. YUM!

  I had wanted to take a picture of the sledding but completely forgot to bring my camera with me.  Sooo I took a picture of what happens when 8 children strip down wet winter snow gear in my tiny little mudroom.

 The lovely Beth cooking bacon for our potato skins!
Someone's gotta hang with the baby!

 yum oven fried chicken!!

We did put Nathan to work mashing the potatoes.. The apron matches his shirt don't ya think?

 Nathan was starving.. of course he's always ready to eat!

All the munchkins!  It's amazing that we find ways to fit all of these kids in our house.  Now looking at the picture, I realize that they are saying Grace.  Which they did without us even realizing it!  Good little kiddies!

After supper the younger three decided to take some time to play some leapster.  So cute!

All in all, it was a perfect day!  I love getting together with my friends and I love their kids like my own!  I love my life!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Turkey Soup with Dumplings! YUM!

Well, the last 2 days I have been down and out with a stomach virus.  This morning I woke up with my stomach feeling fine but now I'm feeling like I'm coming down with a cold.  So since I made that huge turkey on saturday and in honor of the cold I know is coming, I decided to make turkey soup!  Today was the first time in a few days that I felt like even looking at food let alone cooking anything so I thought I'd make up my own recipe as I so often do in the kitchen.  Also as a treat to my readers, I decided it would be fun to photo journal my progress for you all!  So here goes!

Turkey Soup with Dumplings!  

What you will need:

Half an onion
3 carrots
5 or 6 potatoes
2 cloves of garlic
turkey stock or chicken stock (I had a bunch of turkey stock in my freezer from the last time I cooked a turkey)
Left over gravy
1 tsp of Thyme
1/2 tsp dried parsley
cream of chicken soup.
salt and pepper
one recipe of The pioneer woman's dumplings which you will find here ~  "The Pioneer Woman Cooks"

Okay so first thing I did was cut up my carrots and onions.  Don't they look pretty?

Next I threw a spoonful of butter and a swirl of olive oil into my pot.

And threw my carrots and onions into it.

Cook those for a min or so while I tend to this! 

Her most favorite time to demand I pick her up with her oh so sweet "up peas" is while I am trying to make supper.  I have come to learn that this is common with wee folk as small as her.

Next I cut up my potatoes and peel my garlic.
Here is a handy contraption!

My friend Beth gave it to me last year I think for my birthday.  I think she just got frustrated at not being able to find a garlic press in my kitchen since I didn't have one.  hehe Thanks Beth!

Sooo moving on, I went ahead and threw those potatoes and the pressed garlic into the pot. 

It was really starting to smell yummy at this point!

I then added some turkey brothI didn't have quite enough turkey broth defrosted so I had to add some low sodium chicken stock as well.  It was just enough to completely cover the veggies.  I also added some leftover gravy at this point as well.

Stir it around a bit and let it come to a boil so that the veggies will cook. 
At this point my oldest girl started screaming for me to come quick!  Fearing for her life I grabbed my camera and ran. (don't ask why I grabbed the camera.. I'm thinking that someone might accidentally throw it in the soup if I left it unattended in the kitchen)  Here's what I found anyway.  She's been practicing this trick all day and thought she would finally reach the top.  At this point though, she was slipping and falling.
Back to the cooking, these guys will come into play in the next few minutes. 

(on a side note, As I type this it's almost bedtime and I just witnessed one of my boys run past my bedroom with his pants to his ankles. my guess is that he was trying to get an early start to getting his pj's on before he actually got to his bedroom)
 OKAY!  No more distractions!  A teaspoon of ground thyme.  Did I mention I love this herb?  Just love it!  It's so pretty when growing in my garden too... now unfortunately it is covered with snow.. grrr!
Next up, a half teaspoon of dried parsley
mmmmm this soup is really coming together nicely!  It looks gorgeous!

Let this cook for about 15 minutes until the potatoes are tender.
I took this opportunity to document a precious moment on camera.  My girl finally knows how to read and "I" gets to reap the benefits!
when the veggies are cooked, add that can of cream of mushroom soup.  I love how those soups come out in the shape of a can.  In retrospect, I'd probably whisk this soup with a bit of the hot broth until it was smooth before adding it to the soup.  It took a good bit of mixing to get all the little tiny chunks to dissolve.

Ooops don't forget to add the main attraction!  The turkey.  Yikes!  Kind of reminds me of the time we invited our neighbor Moe  over for some chicken curry and half way through the meal realized that I had forgotten to put the chicken in! HA!  That has got to have been at least 4 years ago and Moe still brings it up once and a while!  Haha.. so funny!
Okay at this point I mixed up my pioneer woman recipe for dumplings.  I took pictures of the process but forgot to upload them.  Oh well, the pioneer woman has way better pictures on her blog. 

I added them to the soup a tablespoon at a time. Then I covered the pot halfway and let them cook on med-low for about 15 minutes.

This is the lovely sight I saw when I lifted the cover.  The smells in my kitchen nearly made me faint they smelled so good!
And it's ready to eat!!! 
And this is what we like to do to torture the poor little one.  Put her in her chair and then set her food outside to cool.  If only she could talk, she'd say "what the heck are you doing to me!!  I am HUNGRY!"
Ahhh finally time to enjoy!  She loved this meal.  She had two bowls!
The family ready to eat.  "I" is furiously stirring his soup.  He does this alot.
Yum!!  Another one that loved the soup!!  He especially loved the dumplings!

J wanted her picture taken too.  She loved the soup, but was not so fond of the dumplings!
I had to take a picture of our resident picky eater.  You can tell by the look on his face that he's not so sure.  He generally dislikes any supper food.  He's a huge fan of breakfast food though!

Take a look at Hubby.. wonder what he's thinking... maybe "Holy heck that's a big dumpling!"

Here's the final verdict from T.  Big thumbs down!   I'm not too worried though.  Like I said, he pretty much hates all supper foods.  It would be practically a miracle for him to like something I serve for supper and that's okay.  He eats enough to stay alive and that's all I ask!

So there you have it!  My first blog recipe!  Sorry if it seems a bit vague in parts.  I had to make a special point to actually measure things out.  I am usually a throw it in the pot any which way kind of gal.

Now since I've spent all this time writing, it's now time to tackle the large basket of laundry that awaits me and spend some time with my daughter before she goes to bed.  I love this time with her so!  Until next time!