Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's BOX DAY!!!!

Soooo our book order arrived today!  4 days early!  I was so excited when I stalked the canada post website and it said "item out for delivery"  Our delivery guy usually comes between 10:30 and 11:00 so at that time, I graduated from stalking websites to stalking my own windows and I enlisted the kids help in case I went blind or got distracted for just one second.  In my defense, it was pouring rain and I didn't want those boxes to be outside any longer than possible!  So he finally came after waiting forever! (in reality it was only 10:45 when he came) Two glorious boxes from christian book distributors!


The kids were sooo excited that we had to take a break from the days schoolwork to rip open the boxes!!
mmmm I love the sound of boxes being open and the smell of new books!  There was a lot of books in there!  Don't they look so enthusiastic about those schoolbooks on their laps?

Here's T's grade one stuff.   Alpha Omega Lifepacs for Language Arts, Math, Science and History.  Explode the code book C and book 1 as well as A reason for handwriting book A.

And J's grade 4 stuff.... Switched on Schoolhouse Language Arts, Science and History,  Teaching Textbooks Math, Explode the code book 7,  A Reason for Handwriting Book C and Canada Map book 2.

There are some other things we will be doing together like our "Africa Land of Hope"  book and the "Exploring Creation Through Astronomy"

 I think we will be doing the Africa one with a group of other home-school kids as part of a co op.  I'm so excited about that one and have so many different ideas to do with the kids.  I can hardly wait.  Although I think I'll enjoy the nice summer days first!

In anticipation for all these new school books, and wanting to free up space in my living room, I cleaned out and organized our toy closet moving most of the toys down to the kids rooms.  That freed up two whole shelves to put school stuff on.  That meant that I could get rid of the pantry style cabinet that I had our school stuff in previously from my living room.  Although that hasn't happened yet unfortunately since we need to find a place for it!  Anyway, the two shelves in the closet is plenty of space for all of our school stuff with room to spare and it looks so neat and tidy!  (as if it will stay that way! ha!)  I took pictures for proof.... I'll probably look back at these pictures in about october when all my organizing has gone down the drain and the shelves look like someone ransacked them.

Left Side

Right Side

Well, now it's time to make lunch for the kiddies... including one little miss cranky pants who is currently pretending to do school work and scolding J by saying "DO WORK" and pointing at J's school books!  Hehe.. she's my little supervisor.
Until another time!


  1. How fun! I LOVE Box Day! We're doing Apologia Astronomy next year too! We can "trade" activities and ideas! (I'm planning to make solar ovens out of tin foil and a pizza box to cook S'more or English Muffin pizzas when we study the sun!) Enjoy!



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