Friday, March 18, 2011

Zhu Zhu Attack!

It's been a while and I'm sorry.  It's been a rough month or 2.  I thought I'd post something lighthearted today.  The kids and I had fun with those zhu zhu hamsters they got for christmas.  We made a block city and the Zhu Zhu's attacked it.  Here's the play by play...

Here lies sleepy little blockville.  Through the night, they caught a hamster spying on their town.. Probably sent out to plunder this town.  They caught him and put guards around him (see little black and white hamster in the lower left corner)

The superhero's were on high alert!  They knew someone would come looking for their spy.

And there they were.... 3 seemingly harmless hamsters, commanded by the great Penguin!  (seems the penguins were busy doing other nasty deeds for Penguin) 

Pipsqueak (yellow), Dashington (purple), and Shamrock (green) were ready for revenge.  They had to get there little spy buddy Zhu Zhu King Burger (black and white).

Looks like the superhero's of Blockville are ready... well except for Batman and Spiderman there on the left.. they look pretty relaxed.  Spiderman even looks like he's having a conversation with Batman.

 Oh Blockville, you were totally unprepared.. You took their cuteness for granted and did not comprend their strength!

And they attack.  Dashington was feeling nervous so she held back for just a second.

And they're in.  Pipsqueak took advantage of Batman and Spiderman's relaxed disposition and pulverized them!  Shamrock went straight for the gate.  Dashington still held back her fury.

After breaking through Blockville's defenses, the hamsters pull back and regroup.

 After a quick chat, Shamrock and Dashington attack again!

Shamrock and Pipsqueak have located Zhu Zhu King burger!!

Unfortunately poor Pipsqueak had a run in with the guards and was caught.  On another note, that tan man has some darn toned butt cheeks!

After a failed attempt by Dashington to rescue Pipsqueak.

Looks like Dashington and Shamrock have decided to take Woody and Baby hostage as well.

 Poor Blockville will never be the same....

That's the end!  Hope you've enjoyed.  Now I've got to go clean up for my dinner party tonight!  So exciting.... I hope to blog about that this weekend sometime.

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