Thursday, February 17, 2011

Okay Maybe I might be bias

I was watching Sweet pea play the other day.  She amazes me with her play.  She had a baby in her arms and was getting in and out of a small plastic bin.  Suddenly like she just got this brilliant idea, she got out, put her baby in the bin and went and got her blankie to cover the baby with.  Then she started to sing the lullaby that we sing to her every night.  Sweet pea is 17 months old.  My fourth child and I've never had one so young be so exact with her pretend play.  I wasn't expecting it and got blown away by how clever she is.  She doesn't do a lot of climbing and risk taking but her mind is extraordinary.  She has an amazing vocabulary and can count.  Maybe it's just that I'm her mommy but I think she's got to be the smartest 17 month old in the world!  I can't wait to teach her more.

On another note I've always looked at my 3 year old "I" as indestructible.  Like a tiny little superhero.  Well I've found his kryptonite.  He's so hyper, curious, tough and busy but he's got a soft side inside him.  He hates it if i'm sad or if he's hurt someones feelings.  Suddenly he turns to mush.  A sweet little ball of mush.  He's going to be a hard one to judge for those girls as he gets older.  It takes a bit to break through that tough guy outside.   The other day, he fell down and a chair fell on top of him.  He got up and he says "I'm okay I'm okay"  not a tear in his eye and then suddenly he says. I think I'll take a rest on the couch.  LOL.. tough little guy.

anyway, those have been my thoughts the last few days.

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