Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nov 16th ~ An emotional day

November 16th ~ 7:50pm
Today took an emotional toll on me.  Got up and went for a swim bright and early as usual.  We left for Mieze by 8:15.  We were able to give out the boys gift boxes today.  It was so fun to watch them open them.  Especially Izak.  He really liked the dinky cars and the bouncy ball that Isaac put in there.  

We also got to see the medical clinic and after lunch we join in the feeding program.  They had a little service in the church, then all the women in the village and surrounding areas line up to get food to take home to their families.  Many of these women walk for miles and miles for some rice, beans and oil.  There was one women who walked a long way on crutches as she only had one leg.  

Soon after that we headed back to Pemba to go to the beach.  I wasn't really feeling up to swimming so I stayed on the beach and watched everyone's things.  I was able to do some good thinking and praying while laying in the shade.  It's so hard to see how little people here have.

After the beach we came back and relaxed.  We lost power again for almost 2 hours I think.  I'm exhausted again tonight.  So many emotions trying to bust out.

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