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Nov 13-14th Meize!!

November 13 ~ 6:45 am

Water was beautiful this morning.  We went at 5:30.  We have the truck now so we were able to go down to another part of the beach with no rocks.  One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was the garbage.  Walking through the streets, they were filled with garbage literally.  There wasn't a spot you could step that wasn't on peice of garbage. There were spots on the road that looked burned with pots on them like people had used them for cooking.  No breakfast this morning.  I am glad I brought my almonds.


Lots to write about today.  This morning after our debrief and devotion, we had the morning free.  Darlene, Morgan and I went to the girls dorm to talk to the girls.  There was a girl named Justina who played the guitar really well and had a beautiful voice.  

We also got to visit the sewing shop.  I was able to buy a bag and a couple of skirts to wear.  After lunch, we all hopped into the back of the truck and headed to Meize.  I brought the video camera so i was able to get some awesome shots of all the kids running to the truck.

Thankfully others had their camera's out since I had my video camera out.  Don M got this shot!
Maria and I shortly after arriving in Meize for the first time.
There were so many kids hopping into the truck and all over the place it was a bit overwhelming.  When I finally got a chance to get off the truck a little girl shyly came and stood beside me.  When I moved, she moved all day.  She was so sweet.  I didn't learn her name until suppertime because she spoke so low.  As the day moved on though, she began to come out of her shell.  She is a very silly girl when she warms up and she was just cracking me up.  Her name is Maria and she is only 6-7.  Amazing that another Maria has touched my heart.

I also had Don Kantel point out our sponsor child Izak to me.  I got to watch him for a little bit. He is really handsome and very reserved and quiet.

Izak from afar before we met.  He's the one in the striped shirt.

After a bit, I was dragged into what looked like a school room by a little girl named Gracinda!  She wanted to braid my hair.

Lots of other girls joined in as well.  Beth's sponsor child Jihomalya joined in.  At least I think it was her. (It was her!
Jihomalya is on the right with the beads in her hair.
I took out pictures of my family and the kids gathered all around.  I must have said everyone's names about 20 times.  Even a little boy about 2-3 would point at each person so I would say their names.  Eventually the older girls were able to say them from memory.  It was so wonderful to share my family with them.  It made missing them and the hurt that comes from it a little bit better.  The best thing about it was that Izak came and asked me to say their names and when I got to my Isaac, he was so surprised.  He is really really sweet.  Later on I had Don K tell him who I was and that our family sponsored him.  He kissed me on the cheek and said thank you. Such a sweetie.

It was movie night so we all sat down and cookies & popcorn were handed out. 

 I was sitting with Maria playing with her and I see Izak sit beside me.  As the evening moved on, he sat closer and closer until Maria, Izak and I were playing together.  I was able to give him one of the bracelets I had brought.  

I was so sad to have to leave them tonight.  Darlene asked me earlier that day if I thought I would come back and I honestly said I wasn't sure.  After today, if I could spend all my time in Meize, I could live there.  All of those children't were just beautiful!

Oh!  I was actually able to take pictures with my own camera because Lisa and Don D found me a charger when they went to town.  God is Good!  As I was writing last  night I felt God telling me that I had to step out in faith and speak it out about my prayers with my camera getting charged.  So this morning, I went to Joy and prayed with her.  Not ten minutes later, Lisa came in with the charger!  Thank you Lord!

Tomorrow we get up early for a swim as usual.  Then devotions and then back out to Meize where we will take a walk through the village and take the kids to the beach.  It should be so much fun!

Ephesians 5:1 ~ Imitate God, therefore, in everything thing you do, because you are his dear children.

November 14th ~ 5:30pm

Today was good.  Up again at 5:30 to take a swim. Water was so nice and refreshing.  We had devotions at 7:30 and it was off to Meize at 9.  First stop was to the Meize farm.  Don K explained how it worked and we walked around for a bit.

mmmm mangos!

The next stop was to see the kids!  Maria and Izak found me first thing and stuck like glue.  Don K then took us on a tour of the village across the street.   The kids from the base came with us and once again Maria and Izak stayed right by me.

We were shown the houses that were being renovated and we got to meet the families.  Izak became a bit protective.  There was a boy that kept pinching my arm. Izak took him by the arm and threw him away.  He was really sweet though.  Halfway through the walk, he slipped his hand in mine. He has a great smile.

After the walk, we sat in the shade and some of the ladies got lessons on how to carry things on their heads.  

They also handed out the swimsuits that we had to donate to them.  Maria ran up to me to show me her pretty pink one that she had on.  We also had lunch. I had Izak on one side of me and Maria on the other.

After lunch, we loaded all the kids onto two flat bed trucks and took them to the beach. 

 The water was like a hot bath.  It was hard because the kids jumped on my back and it was sunburned so it hurt. The kids poking me doesn`t help either.  We had fun though I was disappointed at the water because I was looking forward to some cool water but it was actually hot.  

Morgan was baptized in this hot water today too!

Now we are all sitting around eating.  We actually had chicken with our rice tonight.  I`m exhausted.

My boy Izak!
Izak relaxing
Martino getting down and playing with the kids.

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