Thursday, January 9, 2014

Middle of the night

Its hard to feel grateful at 2 am after having to bath a screaming child because she has puke in her hair while the whole bathroom needs to be cleaned. I was going to write a blog post earlier but I forgot. Since it is technically tomorrow now, here is a two for one. 

Tonight I dropped the two oldest kids off at their bible group and had a luxurious 1 hour all to myself. All I did was run errands but I was by my self which is rare. I could run in and out of stores with ease not having to wait for kids to buckle or unbuckle, not having to constantly look around me counting heads to make sure no one has been left behind. It was nice and while I love being with my kids, I am grateful for those alone times. 

As for today's grateful?  I've already got it. I am grateful for my husband who gets up out of bed, even though he has to work in the morning and waking up is super hard to do, and cleans the puke off the floor and strips and remakes the bed while I handle cleaning up the child.   I am grateful for the fact that we are a team. We help each other out and are there for each other. 

Well it's going to be a long night for me I believe so it's time to close my eyes and get as much sleep as possible.  

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