Friday, January 31, 2014

17 years.....

Today I am grateful that 17 years ago, I said yes.

You see 17 years ago today, my hunny and I  had a long talk and I told him I would date him. I had actually put a lot of thought into my decision. We had dated the year before and things ended awkward and so this time I wanted to make sure things were right. We were good friends and I didn't want any of that to change.  We joke about this all the time but I ended up giving him a list of questions for him to answer.   I can't even remember one of the questions but he must have answered them well. I can still remember sitting in the library of our church talking with him.  

I never could have imagined where we would be 17 years later.  I never imagined we would be spending our lives together. The beautiful children we would have together. I am so grateful for this man who has put up with me all these years. I love him now more than ever. 

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