Sunday, January 12, 2014

Extra money

Today i'm grateful for GST cheques. Every January/April/July/October when the GST cheque come we take a portion of it and do something fun with the kids. Usually it's going out to a restaurant or to the movies. Tonight we took the kids out for supper at Pizza Delight.  They were super excited and I loved just being with my family and enjoying them. So I am grateful for that extra money that the GST cheque brings... Also considering our car insurance is due this month, it helps in other ways besides a chance to take the family out. 

In other news, my big girl  was invited to a friends birthday party and miss sweet pea was super jealous that this friend got to have a birthday and she had to wait until all the snow is gone and we have lots and lots of beach days (that's what I tell her to explain when her birthday is)

Yesterday she started talking about having her birthday and I said "sweetie it's not your birthday, you have to wait." And she lamented " how come "A" gets to have a birthday and I don't??"  Haha. Such is the life of a four year old. Knowing you have a birthday but not realizing it is 7 months away. 

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