Sunday, January 19, 2014

Family time

Today I am grateful that my husband has the kind of job that means he is home on the weekends. Especially on Sundays. We spent the afternoon rehanging the location of our wall mounted tv and bookshelf.   As I know most women are apt to do, I rearranged our whole living room.   The previous layout made me feel claustrophobic. I feel much better now. "J" took some before pictures but I am not sure if she has taken after pictures. Once she does, I will post. Anyway. Off topic. My dear husband and my wonderful father humored me and set to work mounting the tv and bookshelf.

Now we are spending the evening snuggled on the couch with freshly bathed kids watching a movie.  Perfect evening.  Grateful for family time. 

So it has almost been 3 weeks of grateful. I find myself thinking of it several times a day and constantly being grateful.  I was right. Being grateful every single day has changed my life.  So now I propose this question. What are you grateful for?

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