Monday, January 20, 2014

A long one.

Today I am grateful for two things.  The first is doctors who know how to work with kids. Sweet pea says that the 1st doctor she saw was indeed the funniest doctor in the whole wide world.   He certainly made what could have been challenging appointment smooth sailing.  He had her giggling so hard she could barely breathe. I still don't know how he did it because usually she doesn't crack a smile at other doctors antics (the peds dr we saw for a bit was hilarious according to the other kids but for her? She burst into tears and refused to cooperate). Anyway,  I think it won't be as worriesome to her for our next appointment in two months now that she knows she likes him. 

 The other thing I am grateful for is that because these doctor appointments were in another city, I made arrangements for the other kids to play at a friends house. This meant that Sweet Pea and I got to spend the whole afternoon together. I love one on one time with my kiddos. There is always something different about them when it's just us and sweet pea was no acception. She was in an exceptionally good mood even though she woke up very cranky. After her appointments we stopped in to a few stores that we don't have at home. She was delighted when I told her she still had money in her piggy bank if she wanted to pick out something small for herself. She said "I am going to buy myself a toy because I was soooooo good at the doctors."  Haha. Then when she had her eye on a particular new princess doll, I informed her that she could get it but it would take up all her money. She wisely put it back and said " well I don't want to use all my money so I will get something on sale". She was quite happy with her purchase of two small "Sofia the First" dolls.  Anyway, we laughed and were silly and she even laughed and joked at the fact that she couldn't see well with her eyes dilated and that usually makes her very cranky. Anyway,  I am always grateful for time with my kids. 

In case you don't know what's up with our Sweet pea, just as she turned two we noticed her left eye turning in a bit. Both boys had this exact problem and so in denial, I prayed that this wasn't the case with her but proceeded to call the eye dr for an appointment. It turned out that yes her eye was turning and she needed glasses. So she has had glasses for two years now. At her yearly appointment in September the dr noticed that her eye was still turning even with the glasses on, so she upped her prescription lense and made a follow up appointment for December. At that appointment we found out that the new lenses weren't helping and it was time to see a specialist. Fast forward to today, we got to see those specialists. The first doctor did all the vision tests and evaluated her. The second doctor is a surgeon and he just checked out her eyes as well. Looks like her left eye muscle has completely shut down so we will be changing the prescription again and patching her good eye for a couple of hours a day to get that muscle working again. If that doesn't work, she will have to have surgery on the muscle.   So that's that. We will see in two months what happens. 

Oh and by the way, I have been posting these posts from my phone so if you see a misspelling or something weird, it's the phones fault, not mine. Just so you know! ;)

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