Sunday, April 1, 2012

My baby boy is 7

It's a sad day here at the Gillis house.  Our little baby boy is seven.  Why oh Why do kids have to grow up so darn fast.    It's seems like yesterday that he was this sweet baby boy with eyes and a smile that just melted your heart.  Now my blonde haired little baby boy has turned into a very dark haired big boy who still has those eyes and smile that still melts my heart.   This baby boy has grown up into a kid with a huge heart.  He's so special to me.  I'm so proud of him.

Look at those eyes.. and that smile.. wonderful......

He woke up this morning and came straight out to hug me.  First words he said was "I'm seven now!" What a sweetie.  He is soo proud that he's seven.  We had a big day planned and the first stop of the day was church.  I think he was a bit offended that not everyone knew that it was his birthday. hehe.  But he was sure to let everyone know.  Next stop was our friends Darcia and Jordon's house for our semi weekly sunday brunch.. Every couple of weeks or so, we get together with a couple of families and have a themed brunch after church and play games in the afternoon while all the kids play together.  Usually the kids make up some kind of play for us to watch and we all have a fun time.  We usually agree on a theme and then each family brings something that goes with that theme.  Last time it was Asian food.
 Here's a picture of Darcia's awesome Chinese Potstickers!

Today however, the two other families couldn't make it so it was just us and Darcia & Jordon. We still had a ton of fun.  Our theme this week was appetizers so we munched on potato skins, bbq meatballs, butter noodles, pizza bites, carrots, celery & dip.   Darcia baked a surprise cake so we told the kids to sit down in the living room and that the adults were going to put on a play for them.  Instead we came in with the cake and sang happy birthday.  Afterwards the kids had fun upstairs and the adults settled down for a game of euchre.  It was fun teaching Darcia how to play.  In her defense, it is a confusing game to keep track of.  I think so anyway.   After our fun afternoon we rushed home to clean  up a bit and have supper.  Of course on "T's" birthday we HAD to have pizza.  He also requested broccoli salad and I was happy to comply considering this kid usually won't touch vegetables with a ten foot pole.  We had my dad over for supper as well and after supper Jeff's parents and my sister and her kids also joined us for a little ice cream cake and presents.

 I made the ice cream cake myself and not to toot my own horn but I must say it was pretty good.  The bottom was a layer of crushed maple cream cookies, then a layer of caramel, then butter pecan ice cream with whipped cream and skor bits on top.

Bad Mommy moment though... when I went to find candles for his birthday all I could find was the number 5 and two pink candles.  Hey that equals seven right?  Jeff is always telling the kids that math is a part of everything.. This was just a lesson in math.  hehe..  I don't think "T" minded too terribly much.. He's easygoing like that.  I bet all he could think about was eating it.
Here's the big guy taking a huge breath to blow out his three candles. hehe.

All in all, he was pretty happy with this birthday.  He got some fun lego toys and a cool dinosaur excavation kit. Along with the little toy wolf he's had his eye on forever at Owls Hollow. There's this section in this store that has a ton of little animal figures.  "T" would LOVE to collect them all.  Well he got his first one.. now he'll have to save up his money for any more.  To top it all off, it was a beautiful day and he got to play outside for some of it.  Our neighbor boys even came over to play and from the sounds of the laughing and giggling going on out there, they all had a blast.

Now I've got to start planning his friend party.  You see every second year we plan a big party with his friends.  Since we still have a party with just family, this year I was smart and decided to space the two parties out a bit so I still have two weeks to plan his friend party.... which by the way is going to be lego themed and we (mainly "T" and I) are quite excited about it!  Anyway after supper, we played with my camera and took some fun pictures.  And that's what I will leave you with...

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