Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Call for Support

I'm sure most of you who read this knows that I've been given the privilege of being part of the 2012 Africa Mission team to Pemba, Mozambique, Africa.  I have always dreamed of helping the motherless children in Africa.  I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity.   I wanted to let you all know what it is that I may be doing.  I am super excited to be a part of this mission!

We will be leaving November 6th and spending 17 days away.  We'll be back on November 22nd.  We will be working with Iris Ministries ( in providing assistance to an area of Africa which has been ravaged by AIDS. Nearly 50% of the young adults are dying of AIDS and leaving large numbers of orphans behind with no one to care for them.   It breaks my heart to think about it but I think we can make a difference.

We will be involved in projects such as much needed medical care, dental care, health training, and possibly a construction or other project intended to improve the economic opportunities for the villagers, blessing and being blessed by some of the poorest of the poor. 

So far we have committed to purchase a piece of land and build a foster home, we will also be purchasing desks for the new learning center.  We will also visit the orphanage, deliver shoe boxes, clothes, toys and medical supplies.

To be honest when I heard about the opportunity I doubted I could go as it is costly and leaving Jeff home with our children seemed like a challenge.  How many days could the kids go eating Kraft dinner?  Just kidding.  Jeff has been gracious enough to take his holidays during this time.  And with the help from his wonderful mother Theresa and friends, the kids will be taken care of.  The only other part to consider was the cost.

Part of the commitment to the mission is the requirement to request the support of others in funding and praying for our participation and the success of the mission. I would love if you would be part of my team, either by donating and/or with your prayers. The total funds that I need for the trip is $4,000.00. This covers all things I will need…. food, lodging, in country travel, plane tickets, as well as supplies.   

In addition to donating if you have any fundraising ideas I would love to hear them.  So far, I have made Christmas cards for families, edited photos, created posters for community events, done administration work, and sold used household items in an effort to raise funds.

If you feel led to support me in this effort I would really appreciate it.
You will receive an income tax receipt for your donation.  You can donate by sending a cheque made out to:

Summerside Community Church  
340 Court St., 
Summerside, PE, Canada,
 C1N 1N6

Or if you would like you could contact me for my address and send it to my home.  Or if you prefer paypal you can send your paypal to 
Please be praying for our whole team in the months leading up to November as we gather supplies and raise funds.  Also be praying for us as we are there. For safe travels and health.  

Thank you so much for reading this and for your part in this journey.

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