Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Weekend

Hey everyone.. or myself in case no one reads this.. hehe.
Thought it was time for a new post.  This weekend I had the kids all to my self!   Jeff went away from Friday night til Sunday afternoon to a retreat for his youth.  Usually I dread weekends when he is away.  But as the kids get older, I actually enjoy having them to myself for the weekend.

 On friday I made a new recipe for supper which the kids loved!  I kind of made up my own recipe for a version of pizza bites.  They were really good.. In fact, our neighbor boys came in to ask for the recipe! haha!  I had my good friend Holly come over for a visit friday night.  The kids love her.  Especially Sweet Pea.  Whenever Holly comes over, Sweet Pea goes into snuggle mode.  It's not uncommon to see Sweet Pea snuggling up in Holly's lap within 5 minutes of her arrival.  Holly is also her pedicurist (is that a word?)    Anytime Sweet Pea sees Holly she points out that her toes are not quite as pretty as they were and Holly gladly makes them  pretty again.  We had a nice visit.

On Saturday, J was kind enough to watch the others for me while I slept a little bit.  She even knows how to make breakfast so it really is wonderful.  One thing I hate about Jeff being away is that I have a hard time sleeping.  Jeff joked that I missed his snoring.   We had such a lazy morning.  Well I did.  Our neighbor boy L was over probably around 9:30 or so and we pretty much spent the day with him.  The kids played outside all morning and by afternoon I was ready to get out of the house.  I wanted to get a few things from the store and go visit my Dad at his cottage.  He's fixing up his cottage that he bought and I hadn't seen it since the fall so I was anxious to see what he had done.    The kids were not ready to say goodbye to L so we just brought him with us.  Of course we asked his mom if it was okay.  Now my husband always is shocked that I take all 4 kids to the store with me.  I don't know why... My kids are usually well behaved in the store and it's not something that I can avoid all the time.  This time with L, I had five kids with me!  At the store, we got the usual looks from people and the occasional "You've got your hands full" comments.  I usually smile and nod or say "as always"

After the store we took the drive out the cottage.  I had said yes when the kids asked if they could bring their bikes.  So my van was packed with 3 bikes, a tricycle, 5 kids and myself.  That was one packed van.  When we got to the cottage, my dad had gone to town for parts so we unloaded the bikes and the kids had a blast driving them up and down the dirt road.  I sat on my trunk and just let the memories of my cousins and I doing the very same thing on this very same road wash over me.   A lot of fun bike riding happened back then.  I was so glad that I had said yes to the bikes.  We had such a relaxing and fun time.   When my dad came, I got to see the gorgeous work he and his friend Mark had done to the cottage.  Beautiful hardwood floors and hand made kitchen cabinets.  It really is coming along!

Sunday we headed to church and by afternoon, I was exhausted.  My wonderful hubby came home and made us supper.    I was glad to have him back!

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