Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthday party number two

We've had a busy weekend.  We decided to have T's big friend birthday party today.  With Easter so close to his real birthday, it was hard to find a weekend that worked.  This was the year for a big party (We only do big friend parties every other year)  so we had invited 11 kids over to our church's ministry center and had a blast!   This year's theme was LEGO!   Here's the cake I spent the weekend making.  I didn't want to mess with fondant this year so I decided to try melting colored chocolate wafers.  While it made the cakes look pretty cool (and also look like they were melting. lol) it made it very hard to cut and even more difficult to stick candles into.  As you will see in the cake picture, we had to use an extra cupcake to stick the candles into.

First thing, I'm thankful that my hubby works at the church and knows all the equipment.  While waiting for all
the kids to arrive, he put on a lego movie from youtube. 

This was excellent because normally birthday parties here at the ministry center sends poor parents home with headaches.

 You see those weird looking things on the wall and the ceiling.  Well those are there to help with the acoustics.  Unfortunately when you have that many kids in one room, good acoustics is not a good thing.  The adults in the room are usually the ones that have to suffer because of it.  I couldn't tell you how many times I came home from a birthday party here with a raging headache.  So like I said.. My hubby is awesome!  The kids stuck like glue to their chairs while we waited.

When all the guests arrived, we started with the games!  First game we played was toss the lego!  We had the kids line up in two lines which was a bit chaotic but fun... 

Each kid had three turns throwing their lego piece into the rings which had scoring numbers on it.

At the end of the three turns we tallied up the scores.

Next game we played was guess how
many legos.

I had filled a mason jar filled with lego candy.  We had index cards numbered from 100-200 and spread them out on the floor.    The kids had to run down to the index cards, pick a number and bring it back to see if it was the correct number.  If it was not,  they ran back to get another one.  Finally the right number was picked and that kid got to keep the whole jar of candy.. Yay for their mom!  ( who happens to love candy.. hehe)

The next game was a fun one.  I had one kid leave the room.  When they were gone, I would give a piece of lego to one kid in the room. 

They would all stand holding their hands behind their back as the one kid came back into the room.  Then it was up to them to guess who had the lego... 

They really had a lot of fun with this one.

The last game I had was lego races.  My friend Beth has this neat little board that races two cars that she had made for her son's birthday party a couple years ago.   Unfortunately we found out that one of the little lego

cars that I had brought to race was too wide.  Thankfully we had taken our lego bin with us so Beth and I dumped the bin looking for smaller wheels to make another one.  I wish I had taken a picture.. It kind of looked like we had stuck the kids in front of the screen while we went to another room to play lego. hehe.

Anyway to get back on track.. (Get it track?  hehe I crack myself up)  This game was another hit.

Next it was time for the pinata.  Unfortunately there was no place to hang it so Jeff had to stand on a chair and hold it.  Thankfully for Jeff it wasn't the bashing kind of pinata but the non violent pull the string and the pinata opens kind.  

Funny story about it.  I had put one extra string on the bottom of the pinata thinking that Kaia might want to pull one.  Wouldn't you know it, all of the 14 kids picked a false string.   The one that actually opened the pinata had to be pulled by Jeff. hehe.

Next up!  Snack time! 

Not that it was much.. Just juice boxes and chips.  They were pretty happy with it.  And their place cards that I made for them.

 Then it was CAKE TIME!!   Here's a picture of the cake!  Our little buddy C was kind enough to let us borrow his lego guy flashlight  to complete the look!

And yes I know the lego blocks look like they had been sitting out in the sun a bit too long.


T didn't seem to care though.

I should have taken a picture of the cake after it was cut..  Because I used chocolate as icing, it was too hard to really cut into.. it kind of broke all over the place and in turn broke the cake all over as well.  It was good though anyway.

Next was present time and as usual, J did a really good job reading the card... well until some people signed their names in writing and she can't read writing yet...  I won't mention any names.... ****ahem Holly***

Anyway he was very happy with his presents and very thankful.

Finally I ran out of things to do... and we still had a half hour before the end of the party!  So we stuck them in front of the screen again to watch more of the lego show they had been watching before. 
Then we sent them home with all kinds of loot in their treat bags.  All in all it was a very successful party!

I'm ready to crash and Jeff has already crashed!  Unfortunately the kids still need to eat supper and it's getting late so off I go to see what I can come up with for supper... probably sandwiches.

P.S.  I meant to write a post on friday about our day at the Maple Syrup camp but I didn't get a chance to... so be on the look out for that post.. it will be coming!

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