Friday, March 2, 2012

Preschool no more!

Today my third one, my hyper, active crazy boy who I thought would be so hard to teach because he just can't stay still has finished preschool.  Three months early!   I amazes me at how much he wants to work on school and how focused he can be.  Sometimes he would do 25-26 pages in one sitting.  If you know I, I know that you will be shocked at that.  "I" is such a busy boy, it's hard to imagine him sitting still for that long to get anything done but he really does have the focus that it takes to get his school work done.

Of course, I'm his mom and I know him and his limits.  I'm sure that helps.  I know when he needs to move around and give him slack for that.  I think if he were in public school, he wouldn't do as well.  It's just a basic need that he has to constantly be moving.  I know he would be such a disruption in a classroom but here one on one he excels.  (well realistically it's one on four but who's counting)

I'm so proud of him.  He really is a sweet, caring boy.  I've always said he doesn't know how to do life halfway and he's proving it. I love that about him.

What's next?  Well, on Monday we start the process of teaching him to read.  His kindergarten year.  I think by the time he is supposed to start kindergarten, he will have a good foundation in reading which will really help him out in the long run.  He's excited to learn to read and do the same book as his big brother is currently doing.

Here's the proud boy with his finished preschool book!

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