Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things I'm thankful for!

Here comes a mushy post.  I call it Things I'm thankful for.

  First of all.. this man.. My crazy husband.. 

For the past 17 years I`ve been in love with this man.  He faithfully provides for us, he cares for us, he worries for us. He bakes for us. He drinks lemon juice for us. 

He  helps with the homeschooling. 

 Here he`s teaching "T" about money by selling candy to him.  This man is a gem.

He is a jokester.  Sometimes he can get me laughing so hard that I can`t breathe.  I have always loved that about him.  The kids adore him.  He`s a wonderful father.

I`m thankful for these four....

I remember being a child and pretending that my dolls were my children.  Ever since I can remember I have wanted children.  Now I`ve been blessed with four of them.  And they are growing up way to fast on me.

Like this beauty.  I can`t hardly believe that she has been with us for almost 10 years.  I remember the day I found out she was coming like yesterday.  This girl is smart, beautiful, sensitive, kind, loving and full of empathy for others.  It amazes me that we have raised her up so well so far.  Anyone that knows her, loves her.

And this one...

He turns 7 in 3 short days.  He started out his life hard.  He had 3 hospital stays in his first 2 years and many other times where he probably should have been in the hospital.  He suffered from reflux and was a high maintenance babe.  He has grown up into such a mellow, sensitive, easy going kid.  He loves people.  He`s not afraid to ask for what he wants.  He takes after his dad.  He loves to make people laugh.  He wants to be a chef, a drummer and a scientist when he grows up and I`m pretty sure he could make that happen.  He`s determined.  He`s clever.  He can figure out any video game around.

These two.. my youngests...

He`s been a wild man since babyhood.  He started climbing at 10 months and never stopped.  We had to take the ladder off the top bunk when he was 12 months old because he figured out how to climb it. At 18 months we had to push a dresser next to the headboard of the bunk because he had figured out how to climb it to get up to the top bunk.  At 20 months we had to take the bunks down all together because he had learned how to climb up the dresser to get up on the top bunk.
This boy is a sweetie.  He loves wholeheartedly. He says the funniest things like the other day when he told us that his belly hurt because he had alive M &  M guys in there.  He does everything to the fullest.  He`s full of curiousity.  He`s constantly moving. 

My youngest girlie.. what a girl she is.  As a baby, I called her my dream baby.  She slept so well, she ate well. She was such a sweet tiny babe.  At 2.5, she is a handful.  I think she literally thinks she is a princess and we all are her servants.  She`s independent.  She knows what she wants and how she wants it.  It`s her way or the highway.  I am enjoying watching her personality come out and watching her grow.  She has taught me so much about how I`ve parented and how to parent her. She`s strong willed.  I don`t think that`s a bad thing.  Just something that we have to adapt around so that it works for us.  She is super smart and she can be sweet and lovable when she wants to be.  She`s got a smile to die for.  She`s a mama`s girl.   All the other kids have always been attached to daddy but this one`s mine.   Oh she adores daddy but when it comes to who is allowed to comfort her or do things for her, it`s mama all the way.

I`m thankful for my dad... He`s always there for me.  Willing to help on any project my mind conjurers up.  He`s smart, he`s handy, he`s generous of his time and his love.  He`s amazing.  He`s my daddy.

I`m thankful for new babies in the family.  Especially now that we aren`t having any more kids.  There`s nothing like a soft squishy cuddly baby to wrap your arms around.  This one is my nephew Griffin who is just 5 weeks old.  I have 3 other nephews and two neices.

 Another thing that I`m thankful for is good friends for my kids.  I didn`t have many friends as a kid and always felt alone in that.  I`m so glad that my kids have a ton of friends that they can laugh with and have fun with.
 There are lots of things that I`m thankful for.  Here are some things that I don`t have pictures for.

1. My family.  My mom, my brothers, my sister and their families.  My mother and father in law, my brothers and sisters in law.
2. My friends.  It`s taken a long time to get friendships that I could count on and I`m so thankful for them.
3. My church.  It`s awesome to be a part of a group of people who honestly care for and support me.
4. My God.  Without him, I`d be in a very bad place I think.

I`m sure there are other things that I`m forgetting but for now, I`ve gotta get supper on the table for my family.   Who ever reads this.  I`m thankful for you.

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