Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sciencey Science

The other day we got to do a science experiment.  The kids LOVE to do science experiments.  J has been doing a unit in her science called Water and Matter.  In it she is learning about soluble and insoluble substances.   So we did a little experiment with things we had around the house and learned what was soluble in water and what wasn't.  T had to get in on the sciencey stuff too.

First we filled 4 cups with water.  Then J added salt to the first one and stirred it around.  What do you know! It dissolved!

 Next she added sugar to cup number 2.  Amazing!  It dissolved as well.

Cup number 3 got some sand.  I bet you are wondering why I have sand lying around my house.. After a couple of years of saying "oops we can't do this experiment because there is snow on the ground and we can't get the supplies" I got smart and looked through our science curriculum this summer and created a kit of everything we would need this year.  The sand came courtesy of my friend Holly.  It's official science experiment sand.

She stirred and stirred but that darn sand just wouldn't dissolve.

Next comes the oil into cup number four.


No J, no amount of stirring will dissolve that oil.

And there you have it folks.  Sugar and Salt are soluble substances while sand and oil are not.  Aren't you glad you learned something today?  My kids are!

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