Thursday, February 7, 2013


Isn't it amazing how parenting can be so up and down? It is down right crazy at times. I started out this morning pretty good. I was still running on the highs of yesterday which was a pretty good stress free day. Still so proud of my "J" who got some solo singing parts in her musical theatre class and my boy "T" who rushed out the door to help our neighbor shovel her driveway.

Even proud of myself as I had been successful in avoiding meltdowns from a certain little girl.

We got through the schoolwork really easily and I even managed to have supper made with homemade French bread all before 4:30.

Imagine how I felt!! I have to say the pride-o-meter was pretty high. Boy I had it all together today. HA!

No mom has it all together. Just when we think we do, the rug gets pulled. My rug was in the form of a two hour long meltdown from a very screamy spirited girl. By the time the hubby came home from work, it was all I could do to throw my beautiful supper on the table and give him "the look"

You know the look. The one that says, if you don't step in right at this moment.... I will scream. This look my husband knows well. He took his cue like the awesome husband and dad he is. He took on the screaming one (who by the way had moved her meltdown from the bed room to the supper table). He hugged her and soothed her. Things I had been trying to do for the last two hours. There is something to be said about being held in daddy's arms.

I needed to do that. I was tired, worn out and in need of daddy's love and comfort. I left the house for some much needed alone time. I went to my dads (who wasn't home) and quietly painted the dresser I was refinishing for the girls room. I soaked in my heavenly fathers love. Then, even though I didn't really feel like it, I went to the women's life group that I go to every Wednesday night. Once again as we shared and talked about faith, I was reminded of Gods love. The way that he places people in our paths to encourage us, to lift us up when we are down and to love us.

Father thank you for wrapping your arms around me tonight. For helping me through the rough spots.

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