Monday, February 10, 2014

3 days of grateful

It's been quite a weekend. Both boys came down with chicken pox on Saturday.  Sweet Pea has some sort of cold/fever/cough but no spots.  I've been working on crocheting slippers for people so I didn't get to blog my gratefuls. So here is three days worth. 

Saturday I was grateful for a night out with some fun ladies to celebrate my wonderful friends birthday.  After being mostly stuck at home for the last  two weeks and looking at another two weeks at least stuck at home, it was good to wt out, laugh and relax. 

Sunday I was grateful to be able to go to church and have my love tank filled up. We have such an amazing church family and I love being in community with them. 

Today after Sweet Pea coughed all night and woke up this morning crying, trying to cough and gasping, I am grateful to have a doctor who is not overbooked and can see my little sick girl on such short notice. And that the appointment lined up almost perfectly for Jeff to come home for a late lunch to watch the rest of the sickies.  

I am so thankful for this life. As crazy as it gets sometimes, I am so thankful. 

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