Monday, September 16, 2013

Conversations with children

It's 8 a.m. and I have already laughed enough to make me cry.  These kids of mine crack me up.  As a matter of fact,  right now, I have a toy phone propped up to my ear talking to Sweet Pea's imaginary friends mom. Apparently "Boo boo and Callay" are sick and she is going to a restaurant without them.

Anyway here are some of the conversations I have already had. With "T", I told him he better go get breakfast so we could get started with school.  He says no I never need to do school again. I say you need to learn stuff if you want to grow and be a scientist he says " no I am going to be a mechanic like Pepe and I will use calculators and cash registers." Haha. What a guy!  

That conversation led up to Sweet Pea saying she wants to be a mommy and a ballerina when she grows up. I asked her why she wanted to be a ballerina and she says "cuz they are pretty" and I told her she doesn't need to be a ballerina to be pretty. She says "oh I know, I just wanna wear those little tutus"  

She then asks me if I was going to get up  . I told her soon, I was just waiting for my headache to go away. She offered to pray for my headache and proceeded to do so. After she finished praying, she puts her hand on her head and says "Now I've got your headache!"  Haha. I'm pretty sure that's not how prayer works!  

Just after this conversation, "I" walks by the bedroom and says "Burp ya later!"  

And just now he comes in and says "can we go to legoworld?"  I say someday maybe. And he says "maybe on Saturday?"  I say to him "You do realize it takes three days to get there". He says, " well it's Monday,  we have time!"

And there you have it. Life with these kids sure can be silly sometimes!  I love it!  With a silly start like this,  I look forward to laughing much today. 

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