Thursday, November 8, 2012

10 years...

My first baby girl is ten years old today and I'm in Africa unable to celebrate with her.  So I wrote this post before I left so that she could read it on her birthday.

It seems too hard to believe that you have been in my life for 10 years and yet I can't remember life without you.   I was soo stinkin happy when I found out I was pregnant.

 I was so excited to know you.  When they said it's a girl.... I think my heart nearly burst.  My very own little girl to love.

As you grew into a toddler, you made us laugh when you would bite your toys when you were angry.. You only bit a person once though.  Your dad yelled so loud at the shock of it all, I think you never wanted to do that again.  

At age 2, you were a great talker and we have videos of you talking and talking and talking.  We used to call you sweetie pie and you would get so mad if someone called you a different nickname.  Gramma used to call you sugar plum and you would say "I not a sugar plum, I a sweetie pie" in a very frustrated voice.

At age 3, you were eager to learn.. you already knew all your letters, colours and shapes.  You were a wonderful big sister to "T". You had Daddy wrapped right around your finger too!

At age 4, we started dealing with your melt downs.  It was almost as though you had too many emotions inside you and didn't know how to let them out so you just melted down.  You were so sweet though most of the time.

When you were 5, you had two little brothers looking up to you... You were soo girly.  Loved purple and anything else girly.

At age 6, you were a social butterfly.  You had so many friends, loved your brothers, and just loved life.

When you were 7, you finally had that baby sister you always longed for.  And did you ever love that baby.  She was like your own living doll.

Age 8 and  you still acted like a second mama for Sweet Pea.  You were kind and loving to your brothers and sister.... well most of the time.

At 9 you have grown into such a beautiful young lady.  You have such a tenderness about you.  You are so caring.

 Now you are 10, I am so amazed at the girl you are becoming.  You are sweet, smart, kind and generous.  Your heart is truly good.  You fill our lives and everyone around you with laughter and joy.  

Laughter.... I love your laugh.  It fills the room and when you are really laughing hard, your giggle makes it really hard not to laugh along with you.

I love you so much.  I wish that I was there to celebrate this special birthday with you. I am thankful that you support me in going on this trip even though it meant I had to miss your birthday.   My wish for you on your birthday is that you continue to grow into that kind, generous wonderful young lady that you are. That you are happy and know that you are loved so much.

I love you beautiful girl and I miss you.


  1. Happy Birthday, Julianna!! Kennady and I are so glad we got to meet you this summer!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful young lady. Happy birthday, Julianna. with love from Terry & Teresa


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