Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Days....

Well, summer has finally arrived!  It's 30 degrees outside, the kids are playing with the hose and I'm sitting inside in the air conditioning!  We got our heat pump last fall so we never got to try out the air conditioning and on a day like today, oh it's nice to have!  Anyway, here I sit in the air conditioning and I thought I better up date my blog. It will mostly be pictures.  I've been trying harder to take pictures with my real camera more.  I found that I was only ever taking pictures with my phone and those were always blurry or pixelly.  So I've started pulling out my big camera and now I have to show them off!

Isn't this just the picture of summer?

A couple of weeks ago, poor "T" caught a virus that left the inside of his mouth and tongue covered in sores.  The poor guy didn't eat anything but pediasure for two weeks.

Last week, I decided to teach "J" how to make a spaghetti dinner.  She did a wonderful job with it.  I had her do all the steps while I documented the whole thing!  

This one was taken by my phone.. see the difference in quality?
She even cut her finger and kept on going!
She doesn't like mushrooms can ya tell?
Opening cans is hard!

Learning to cook is not a clean job!

Ready to eat!
Very pleased with her work!

She even made dessert!!  

Now for today's pictures!  I found an idea to make a sprinkler out of a pool noodle so we set to work.  The kids had a blast with it as well.  

"I" ready to start the hose!

Love the look she gives "I" after he throws the water in her face!

Lollypop wanted to have some fun chasing kids too.

"I" got knocked to the ground.

Lollypop saw her opportunity and "I" didn't suspect a thing!

AND IMPACT!  Not sure if that was what Lollypop meant to do or not but it was pretty funny!

They got thirsty.. haha no they were just trying to get Lollypop to come and take a drink again so I could get a picture of her.  I had missed it when she was drinking earlier.  

She's a pretty cute puppy all by herself anyway.  Anyway, all in all, it's been a pretty wonderful summer day! And that's all the pictures I have for now!  

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