Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun filled day

Today my friend Holly and I did a kid swap. She watched my Monster boy and sweet pea while I took her two girlies with my two oldest to the Anne of Green Gables musical with another friend and her girl. It was a very good play and we had a lot of fun. Some of these antics happened....

This evening I had a great evening with some ladies in my church.

As I came home, "T" stopped me as I walked past his opened window and he says "I want to ask you a riddle. What falls every day but never breaks?" I gave him a couple of guesses and then I said "I give up what is the answer?". He says "I have no idea, I'm just trying to figure it out!". Haha. What a silly boy.

I'm feeling very blessed today. I have a wonderful family and wonderful friends.

I'm six weeks minus one day away from leaving for Africa. I shared tonight that every time I think about it, I get butterflies in my stomach. It's not that I'm nervous about going to Africa but that I'm nervous about leaving my family. Although I know and am reminded all the time that they will be well taken care of. I still worry. My very wise friend Darcia said that from what she has seen with the fundraisers the kids have done, they are not only okay with my leaving but they support me. I felt very encouraged by that so Darcia if you are reading this..... Thank you!!!

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