Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's day!

A lovely centerpiece "J" made
I had a wonderful day.  I woke up in the middle of the night to my littlest climbing into our bed.  She NEVER does that.  She usually stays in her bed and yells for someone if she wakes up in the middle of the night.  T used to sneak in our bed every night and secretly I loved it because he was such a little cuddlier.    Anyway, I woke up later to her tickling herself while she patiently waited for someone to wake up.  Then my wonderful husband got up with her and let me sleep til 9 when my oldest beauty came in wanting to give me presents!

A week ago, J and I threw together a party for all her friends. I so wanted to post about it because we had so much fun but it was a secret.  But now I can unveil the secret.  The purpose of the party was to make mother's day gifts for her friend's moms.    I'll write more about that tomorrow because i have a ton of pictures from it.  Anyway, J also made presents for me although it was hard for me not to see because I was there when she made them but she tried to keep them a secret.  Here they are!

 I used my dad's scroll saw to carve these words out of wood for the kids to paint.. I loved J's!

Her card for me!  I love her like crazy too!  She also made a bookmark which I laminated but I must have forgotten to take a picture of it.

"I" also said he had a present.  I asked him where it was and he said I'd have to search for it! Haha.. then he ran out of the room saying, I'll make a map!  Silly boy.  Here is his map. 

First look at it, I said okay buddy you are going to have to help me decipher your map.  Finally we found my present in thecabinet under the bathroom sink.  

He's been working on this for quite a few days and I was so impressed that he thought of it all on his own and even enlisted his big sister for a bit of help.  J said at first he tried to give me her lip gloss but she told him it was hers and he cried.  What a boy.  I'm glad he thinks I'm a winner.  

T had a present too but he had left it at Nanny's house because he said it was too big to wrap.  He had convinced his daddy to take him shopping for a present.  After church we went out to my mom's cottage to have a bbq. It was yummy and too much food.

Sweet Pea got to play with her cousin Gemma whom she absolutely adores! And the kids had a blast playing outside. 

Here's my mom loving on the newest grandson Griffin!  It was great to have her home for Mother's Day.  It's the first Mother's Day she's been home in quite a few years.

 After that we went to Jeff's mom where I got T's present!  It was a DRILL!  I was very excited!  I am constantly borrowing my dad's drill.  Yay!  My mother in law invited us to stay for lobster so that was exciting too!  Tools and Lobster in one day! yay! Now I'm back home, the kids are bathed and half of them in bed. 

Here's one more picture... Yesterday we took a drive to Charlottetown to a homeschool book fair.  Poor "I" couldn't stay awake during the drive home.  He was too cute not to take a picture of him.  

Now I'm getting ready to head to the hospital.    If you could be praying for my family, my aunt Esther is very sick with cancer and they aren't expecting her to make it much further.  She's in a lot of pain.  Please be praying for her.  Thank you....

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