Friday, January 21, 2011

A new beginning

Yes, I've had blogs before and yes I have not kept up with them.  But I'm hoping this time I'll actually have time to stick with it.  Who am I?  Well, I'm a wife of 11.5 years to Jeff the love of my life.  I am Mommy to 4 precious wonderful children.  I'm also teacher to those children as we home school.  Well okay there are lots of things that I am and that seems to make me insanely busy.  But I like it.  I don't know what to do with myself if I have too much time on my hands. Wait yes I do... I play on the internet forever if I don't make myself do something else.  I confess I'm an internet addict.  hehe.. I am incredibly blessed by what God has given me.  My oldest J is 8 years old and growing way to fast for my liking.  She is a wonderful big sister if not a little tiny bit bossy but I think that comes with being the oldest.  T is 5 almost 6 and LOVES superheros.  He is a sweet and sensitive boy who loves to snuggle.   "I" is our wild one.  He's 3.  He's the type of kid who doesn't do life halfway and I love him for it.  And then there's my Sweet Pea  She is our baby our last one.  Right now she is 17 months old.  She is a wonderful baby, so sweet but she definitely has her own little personality.  J says she's spoiled but she loves her anyway.  She's always known exactly what she wants.

So that's my life so far.  As for this blog, it's basically going to be about life.  I love to cook and love photography so there may be a little cooking and photography posts as well.  Now it's time for me to jump back into life as it's time to bring the two older minions to gymnastics and I am their slave... well not really but sometimes it feels that way.  Goodbye for now.

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