Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sweet and Smoky Grilled Cheese -THM S

Okay so I haven't blogged in quite a while but I HAVE to share this recipe.  This was inspired by something my husband had ordered at a restaurant. This has my two favorite things in the world to eat. Bacon, pecans and cheese. Okay that was my three favorite things. I first made this sandwich a week or so ago when my good friend Chrissy Benoit (Visit her blog here, she has lots of yummy recipes) was visiting with her family and when my hubby said she had left her smoked cheddar in my fridge when they left, I knew she was a friend for life. (Visit her blog here, she has lots of yummy recipes)

This sandwich is sweet and smoky. Since I did as I usually do when I cook, throw things in, I don't have actual measurements. So you are going to have to wing it. 

First thing to do is cook up some slices of bacon. However many you think you can stuff in. 

Then you melt a 1/2 tablespoon of butter in a clean skillet and throw a handful of pecans in. To sweeten them up I sprinkled on two packets of Sugar Twin Stevia. Let those toast quickly and set aside. As you can see I let mine get a little too toasty. New stove and I'm not used to how fast it cooks. 

Then you take a pita. I use Joesph's low carb pitas.   Cut it in half and open it up so you can get all that goodness in. 

Slice your cheese. I used two wedges of laughing cow cheese, some slices of smoked cheddar and some smoked Gouda. (Can you tell I love smoked cheese? I was in love when I was in the cheese factory we went to in Amsterdam. Smoked goat cheese is amazing!)

Now it's time to assemble. First spread one wedge of laughing cow on the inside of the half pita, then half the Gouda, then half the pecans, then half the bacon and then half the cheddar. Repeat with the other half of the pita. You have to make sure that you have cheese on either side of the pecans and bacon because that's what holds them in. 

After you have it all assembled, melt some butter on your skillet and carefully place both half of your sandwich onto it. Cook on both sides until toasty and the cheese is melted. 

You will not regret making this sandwich. It is absolute to die for!  I might just make another one tomorrow. 

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