Sunday, March 31, 2013

Can I be more like her?

This is sweet pea in church this morning....  

When she hears a worship song, her arms go up, her eyes shut and she worships.  She is constantly singing.  

Oh to be like her.  This little girl who worships so effortlessly.  Tonight as I was putting the little ones to bed, instead of regular kid songs, they wanted worship songs.  What was meant to be a bedtime routine turned into a half hour of worship.  There lying in her bed I was able to soak in HIS presence.  Amazing.  I thank God for this girl who teaches me so much.

 This Easter day... the day he rose from the grave so many years ago.  From this day forward, I make a conscious effort to be more like my little girl.  One who will drop what I'm doing for the chance to worship the King.

Occasionally I try to sneak the video camera out to capture her worship sessions without her noticing. I have compiled some of them into a short video.  Watch and be amazed at her spirit.

I want more of you God!

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